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I'm Brooke Dorsch

Over 13 years ago, my boss asked me to be the Director of Community Outreach. I found out quickly that there was a lot of marketing involved and copywriting. As a speech and language pathologist, I knew very little about how to persuade people to pick our agency. The writing part was easy. I had been writing fiction for years, but the marketing aspects I had to teach myself or learn from the professionals I collaborated with in advertising. I've completed many projects to help this small business grow from working in three counties in Pennsylvania to ten. I manage our Facebook account, posting weekly while writing and monitoring our ads. I develop promotional materials like flyers and collaborate with a digital marketing agency for banner ads and email campaigns. When we needed TV ads, I worked with a team to produce the commercials. Along with sending monthly newsletters to over 2,000 subscribers, I write short print ads, website copy, and much more. I'm a AWAI trained copywriter and social media management expert who is ready to help you and your business. Contact me to discuss your next project!


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